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The EuroElite Project is a ONE-YEAR COMMITMENT and as such, there are NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. We are Full Booked every year with a wait list and so we expect every Project Player to finish the season if something happens and you are no longer interested in Tennis or EE. The EXCEPTION to this is if your family MOVES AWAY from Scandinavia… in that one case, will we consider refunds. IF a player cannot do a Camp for any reason, we do not do cash refunds. Parents may apply for alternative camps within a 2 year period. If they cannot find something within 24 months then this money is forfeited.

2.) Project Members are expected to keep Tour and Camp commitments to be eligible for Renewal. Those who do not, will not be offered a place in the coming year’s Project

3.) Camps: If you are planning a Tour, your camp must be done within 4-5 months prior to that Tour so you can learn the latest concepts and we can get to know your tennis again as well as how you function as a player and human being. This is Vital and we enforce this guideline rigorously.

4.) Tours: Tour are NOW OPTIONAL with EuroElite Groups and NOT MANDATORY TO BECOME A MEMBER! A Tour is either Tennis Europe, ITF or PRIVATE Tour run by EuroElite Staff like the Dub Bowl which is also considered a valid EE Tour! IF you go on a Long-Distance Tour like Asia or Slovenia, there are multiple events and EACH ONE counts as an individual Tour. So Slovenia would count for 2 Tours if you do both on that Tour time. Asia could count for example for up to 4 Tours!!