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Introduction, Details and Costs

Introduction, Details and Costs Costs & Program for EuroElite: High Performance Camps P. R. I. D. E. Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS & FITNESS  EXPERTS AT EUROELITE WAIT FOR YOU! DAVE, THOMAS, MICHAEL, ANDRÉ, KALLE, AXEL, CLAES, JOAKIM ANDERS with KEN…

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Information on our MHPC-3 day Camps for 2019/2020

EUROELITE  has THE BEST HIGH PERFORMANCE CAMPS!! (ACCORDING TO THE THOUSANDS OF PLAYERS WE HAVE WORKED WITH IN 20 YEARS!) There are MORE COURTS with FEWER PLAYERS per court throughout the weekend... thanks to Trelleborgs TK and Hyllie Sport Centre…

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1.       Pillow (we have matress), 2.       Any MEDICATION YOU MAY NEED 3.       Sun Cream, beach towel, swim suit 4.       Enough clothes for 2 changes per day for 5 days! 5.       All bathroom needs WITH plaster, creams for cuts, elastic bandages for sprained ankles etc etc.…

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Costs + What is included and Sample Summer Camp 2020

EUROELITE 2021 “FIRST STRIKE” SUMMER MATCH CAMPS INTINERARY EARLY REGISTRATION AND PRICE + WHERE TO PAY: Pay OCTOBER/NOVEMBER = *5150:SEK Pay DECEMBER/JANUARY = *5750:SEK Pay AFTER JANUARY 2021 = *6350:SEK At our Camps, due to increased costs, no meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner are…

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ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR EUROELITE SUMMER MATCH DECISION-MAKING CAMPS for 2020! "We have you do things that TAKES NO TALENT…just a Decision to PERFORM BETTER!" Click here to see who is signed up for which Camp and all dates WOW!…

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High Performance Camps info

(Dec. 25, 2017) FIRST : GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK!! It is nearly certain that you will find your player inmultiple places/camps and so look carefully at each andevery camp offering. thenyou will a.) confirm the one(s) you want and…

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