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Tourna-Summer Camp Boys # 2 together with TE 14 + 16 in Birkerød June 09-13, 2023 in Hørsholm/Denmark

2023/06/09 - 2023/06/13

This is a SPECIAL CAMP where we have SUMMER CAMP Coupled with Tennis Europe Birkeröd 14 and 16 !

We CANNOT GUARANTEE ENTRY… but if you get in then we will take you to your singles match and right afterwards you will be driven (15min drive) back to the summer camp

Dave & Thomas and Joakim are the Main Coaches for this event along with our Top  EuroElite Collegiate players… GREAT FUN TO BE AROUND OUR COLLEGE GUYS AND THEY WILL BE LETTING YOU KNOW ABOUT USA UNIVERSITY TENNIS LIFE!

  • Enter the Tennis Europe on your own
  • You are NOT GUARANTEED into the event
  • Dave has FINAL SAY if you are accepted into this Tourna-Camp. You must be Internationally ACTIVE AND PLAYERS WHO HAVE PRE-PAID FOR TOURING WILL GET FIRST PLACE.
  • Summer TE Tourna-Camp starts on FRIDAY and end on TUESDAY!
  • PRIORITY on this camp will be Boys who have a.)  Pre-paid for a EuroElite Tour and b.) will actually play the TE 14 + 16  Event in Birkeöd.
  • EE Gives you rides to and from your SINGLES PLAY. Doubles is NOT ALLOWED if you are in our Summer Camp… only Singles.
  • BAKKEN NIGHT! We will go to BAKKEN TIVOLI! There is an extra charge of around 400:dkk for players to go there for rides and dinner.
  • EXTRA COSTS FOR TE EVENT = Entry fee of 400:dkk
  • SLEEPING IS STILL AT Hörsholm-Rungsted TK with all the other Summer Campers so this is *included in your Summer Camp fee.
  • OBS! *There could be a housing “surcharge” as advertised. The clubs have not given us their new prices so be aware of this probable extra charge… maybe 500:dkk or so.



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Mick Knjep, Aston Stjern, Ole Ramsfjord (Nor), Marcus Mæhle Rykjus(Nor) (Nor),Eivind Røed Rise (Nor), Nicolai Eie Worren (Nor),Lucca Hoar, Gabriel Wennhall, Folke Johansson, Leonard Lundetrae(Nor), Mattis Thorsnes(Nor), Nils Fröbel, Mats Rygg Hannestad(Nor), Fredric Borch Nielsen(Nor), Fabian Engkvist, Jesper Ekoff, Vincent Cederqvist, Shiv Patel, Dante Levinsson, Johan Otto Christensen(Nor), Hugo Larsen(Nor) Niels G. Moller(Nor), Oskar Lindholm, Wilhelm Silfverschiöld, Theodor Hagström, Jacob Sparrmo, Carl af Jochnick,Nicolai Gjervan, Henrik Syllwander,Oliver Roth

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