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Germany – Peter Hagedorn International in WAIBLINGEN! Guaranteed Entry! July 13-20/21, 2024 YERKO MULLER will be our EuroElite Coach for this tour!!

2024/07/12 - 2024/07/20

Coaching Tour Fee = 2800:sek (3500:sek for non-EE Members) + All must have Touring Admin Fee paid for the year (1000:sek)

** All divide 2 Coaches Hotel, Transport and food ca 80euros per player.

Flights ca: 3500:SEK from CPH AND ARL via Air Baltic and SAS

Ground Transport from Stuttgart airport T/R = Ca 40euros

Hotel = 38euros per night with full buffet Breakfast for players

Extra Court fees for TONS of extra training and matches = 50euros

Entry Fee = 60 euros

Tour of Porsche/Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart = 45euros

Food ca 25 euros per day

EE COACHES : YERKO MULLER (Södertalje Tk + LUKAS RIDEMAR .EE Touring Coach Member)


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BOYS 16s: Nils Fröbel(Swe09), Maximus Muller(Swe08), Hugo Bucht(Swe08), Dante Levinsson(Swe09), Alfred Graffner(Swe09), Nils Leveau(Swe08)