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Germany – Peter Hagedorn International in WAIBLINGEN TE 14/16! Guaranteed Entry! July 12-19, 2024 YERKO MULLER will be our EuroElite Head Coach for this tour!! ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT!

2024/07/12 - 2024/07/20

We have now OPENED THIS TOUR to our U14 players again… SIGN UP TODAY – One Place Left!

Coaching Tour Fee = 2800:sek + All divide 2 Coaches Hotel, Transport and food ca 140-190 euros per player depending on how many players participate as all divide these costs.

Flights ca: 3100:SEK from CPH AND ARL via EuroWings and SAS Youth flights. Flights will leave 12 July and return 19 July. The tickets are changeable against a fee if a player goes deeper into the event and Coach Lukas Ridemar (member of Höllvikens Tk) will stay. Yerko leaves from ARL and Lukas from CPH

Ground Transport from Stuttgart airport to Waiblingen T/R = Ca 55euros

Hotel = 46.50euros per night with full buffet Breakfast for players

Extra Court fees for TONS of extra training and matches if out of the event = 60euros

Entry Fee = 60 euros

Tour of Porsche/Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart = ca40euros (if we go). Visit to the huge WaterPark with all sorts of different slides etc!

Food ca 30 euros per day

EE COACHES : YERKO MULLER (Södertalje Tk flying from ARL) + LUKAS RIDEMAR – EE Touring Coach Staff flying from CPH)


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U16s: Hugo Bucht(Swe08), Alfred Graffner(Swe09), Nils Leveau(Swe08), Didrik Henneckens(08Swe), Emilie Samuelsson(09 Swe) U14s: David Falk, William Gustafsson, Elin Brännvall, Valere Hafström