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SORRY… FULL BOOKED! Guatemala 2024 J60 + J60 (coupled with Mexico J60 prior)- February 12 + 19, 2024 Main Draws Start! Touring with Dave starting in Mexico.

2024/02/01 - 2024/02/25

This ITF TOUR will be HOP-ON/HOP-OFF as usual starting with the following schedule and WE HAVE ROOM FOR 2 MORE PLAYERS with ITF POINTS!!! Already signed up: Fredric B. Nielsen(Nor), Johan Otto Christensen(Nor), Felipe De Hormaza (Costa Rica), Axel Bergh (Swe)

  • Fly into Mexico City on 01 February, 2024 (arriving the same day) the we go to QUERETARO, Mexico ITF J60 which is only about 2 hours away from the airport.

  • Fly to Guatemala on 08/09 February direct flight from Mexico City (only 2 hours) and staying at the Hilton Garden Hotel in ZONE 10… the coolest and safest Zone in the city!! I have checked this out extensively with my Guatemala Coaching friends as well as some USA Coaches who have been there a lot… and they give TWO THUMBS UP to this event for organisation, safety and the players doing well in this neat environment!! OTHERWISE I WOULD NOT GO!

  • Players do both events in Guatemala and if eliminated in the second, they fly back by 2’s to Mexico City for home to get back to school.

  • At least ONE of these events is over our February break! So… not as much missed school time. AND… as usual there will be MANDATORY STUDY TIME.

TOUR FEE: 2500:sek per player per event + ALL DIVIDE Dave’s hotel, transport, food as usual.

HOTEL: ca 50usd per night with breakfast

FLIGHTS/TRANSPORT: Flights to be booked by parents to get the cheapest and best prices!

FOOD: Ca 30usd per day

ENTRY FEES: 60euros per event

GROUND TRANSPORT: ca 100usd per player

TOURS: Cultural Tours should be around 100usd per player.



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Already signed up
Fredric B. Nielsen/Nor), Johan Otto Christensen(Nor), Felipe De Hormaza(CR), Björn Asbjornrod(Nor06)