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GUEST COACH – Daniel Filjo – Czech Rep

GUEST COACH – Federico Ricci – Finland/Italy

GUEST COACH – Anders Månsson – Sweden

Axel Lagerlöf

CV coming soon

Adam Blicher

During the past 5 years he has travelled to 20+ countries for tennis tournaments ranging from Tennis Europe & ITF Junior & Pro…

Niklas Jönsson

Personal Information: Surname: Jönsson First: Name: Niklas Johan Address(es) Amanuensvägen 5, lgh 1310. 114 16 Stockholm Telephone: +46 734306931 E-mail: Nationality: Swedish Year…

Kalle Averfalk

Personal Information: Surname: Averfalk First: Kalle Axel Address: Steffensvägen 44 B, 23638, Höllviken, Sweden Telephone: +46706171118 E-mail: Nationality: Swedish Year of birth:…

Michael Andreasson

Personal Information: Surname: Andreasson First: Name Michael Address(es) Piding, outside Salzburg Telephone: E-mail: Nationality: Swedish Date of birth: 1971   Work experience…

André Andersson

Personal Information: Surname: Andersson First name: Lars Wilhelm André   Address(es) Boltensternsvägen 43 B, 23638, Höllviken, Sweden. Telephone: +46 708754125, +47 45919873 E-mail:…

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