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Q: Do I have to be a TOP PLAYER to be Invited into the EuroElite Project?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, although we get many top players at EE this is NOT our Mission to have the top-ranked players! We want players who are actively competitive on the national tours, are curious about what is “out there” and want to experience an International Tour or two per year, who are cool kids and who we feel ADD TO OUR POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT. IN OTHER WORDS…WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR RANKING AND WE HAVE A PLACE FOR EVERYONE!

Sharing yourself as a player AND a human is what EE is all about. Having FUN, being SERIOUS on the court with NEW AND EXCITING DRILLS/CONCEPTS which TAKE NO TALENT  TO PERFORM and MAKING FRIENDS are all reasons that many players stay with us YEAR AFTER YEAR!

Q: How am I invited to the EE Project? What do I have to do? 

There are many ways players get to EuroElite but most of the time it is by word of mouth from friend to friend who has had a positive experience with us. Having said that all EE Project Members have one thing in common: ALL MUST ATTEND A EuroElite SUMMER CAMP! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this guideline and the reason is simple: during the 5 days of Summer Camp, we can see WHO you are. You can also see WHO WE ARE as well and thus in those days we evaluate each other to determine if there is a good synergy and “fit” for us…then the Invitation to join EuroElite is PERSONALLY GIVEN to that player at the end of their Summer Camp!

If you are NOT invited to the EE Project that year, you will be encouraged to still come to a Weekend Camp during that following season so we can keep in touch and see if the growth in your game either technically, tactically or mentally is improving… then we try again:-)

Q: Do I have to miss A LOT OF SCHOOL in order to be in the EE Project?


We have a Project for every age, level and need so that you can choose for example to do Two Mini High Performance Camps (which many do) during the Indoor season and you miss ONLY 2 DAYS OF SCHOOL about 4 months apart from each other!  If you choose one MHPC and one Weekend Camp you miss only 1 day of school ALL YEAR! If you choose only Weekend Camps you miss 0 Days of School!

TOURING: We have enough tours during the Summer Months that you do not even have to miss school for a Tour! We have Tennis Europe 12/14/16s…TEN-PRO TOURS for ages 10-15 and all levels of ITF Tours during the Summer Months.

IN SHORT… THERE IS SUCH A SMALL TIME IMPRINT AND SUCH A GREAT REWARD THAT EuroElite MAKES MORE SENSE NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!  Most Project Choices are only 2 Camps per year so you can choose a WC or MHPC during the school year and a Summer Camp. OR… if you want your Summers Free to Tour… just choose 2 camps during the school year and again, you don’t have to miss school even one day if you choose Weekend Camps:-)

WE OFFER OVER 25 INDOOR CAMPS PER SEASON so there is a camp for YOU!


Q: How “tough” really is EuroElite… I heard it was “super tough”!

Depending on your definition of tough… I would say that we are constantly teaching LIFE SKILLS (See the mail I got from Henrik Atlevi (FairPlay TK) on February 08, 2018 below). We think that “the Adventure begins where your Comfort Zone Ends”… meaning we will challenge you to wake early, have a few long days, have discipline, make your bed, say “thank you for the food” to those who prepare it, hold your racket and body the proper way during all training passes.  So do we as EE coaches “slack up”?  NEVER! We work with you as competitive and passionate players to let you know how the most successful International Juniors are playing, acting and training. We go out on over 40+ tours per year and so this gives us a unique window into HOW Juniors from other countries are hitting, acting and training!

So no… it is not really that TOUGH… but it IS 100% FOCUSED ALL THE TIME. We have A LOT OF FUN at our EE Camps and Tours but it is Serious Fun and at the end of the camp, you will be SO SATISFIED THAT YOU MADE IT (much like “boot camp”) THRU WITH THE OTHER PLAYERS.

Bottom line: our job is to take you on a VALUABLE LIFE-EVALUATED TENNIS EXPERIENCE JOURNEY  which is 100% connected to you “making it” to not just at your personal highest level Tennis your way with your style and prepare you for USA Collegiate Tennis…but for the most important game of all…LIFE!

Studies show that you must reach, fall, FAIL and get up again in order to BE SUCCESSFUL! You cannot stay in a Comfort Zone all the time as this has nothing to do with the real world whatsoever so we GENTLY PUSH YOU INTO THE REAL WORLD OF DISCIPLINE, COMPETITION, TIME-MANAGEMENT and FUN TEAMWORK! See the words of a recent graduate of the EuroElite Concept System from age 12-18… Henik Atlevi (FPTK-Sweden)

Hi Dave!

It’s been a very long time. Missing the hard camps 🙂

Just wanted to tell you that now being at USA College for a while I’ve learned so much and being reminded of all the things you taught me. Not so much about tennis tactics (even though that is helping a lot) but about discipline, time management and manners.

If we are late, even by 1 minute we are not allowed to practice.

If we don’t get all the gear out on court at time, we are not allowed to practice.

It is incredibly tough and I just wanted to thank you for teaching me discipline, manners and even socialising(no mobils at the meal table!). It’s been very helpful for me and I feel like Scandinavians (Swedes in my experience) don’t appreciate what you are doing enough. I feel like a lot of guys just think that you are tough just because you like it but it REALLY HELPS. They have no idea how tough it can really be.

So again, thank you for the things you have taught me, it has been super SUPER helpful.

(P.s, missing the Asia and south America tour 🙂 )

Regards Henrik Atlevi

University of California-Santa Barbara 


Q: Do EuroElite Activities come before Club/Region and Federation activities?

NEVER (well, almost never as it depends on the circumstances) but generally we tend to plan WAY BEFORE clubs, regions and federations do. With that in mind, if something comes up and you have been doing well and get an invite to be on a team…you GO FOR THAT and we have enough other camps/tours that you can join later.

We have NEVER HAD A PLAYER NOT SATISFIED ON HOW WE WORKED WITH THE CLUB/REGION AND FEDERATIONS so you do not have to worry about this. CLUBS COME FIRST! They are the driving force in your tennis but having said that, PARENTS have to have due diligence to be sure you have done all the research of dates when you sign up for a EuroElite Camp or Tour as we all expect each other to SHOW UP AS YOU SIGNED UP. There ARE EXCEPTIONS from time to time and we are totally Flexible with this as long as it is not a reoccurring situation and that we find a SOLUTION for a Make Up Camp or Tour:-)

WE WORK WITH YOU AND CLUBS SO WE ARE A COMPLIMENT AND NEVER WANT TO BE A COMPETITION OR A POINT OF STRESS! EuroElite is designed to be a Secondary HELPER to the clubs… giving their juniors the chance to travel in a professional environment to camps and tours thus adding to the players’ wonderful TENNIS JOURNEY = STAYING IN THE GAME WHEN THEY ARE EXCITED AND INSPIRED!


Q: How many Tours are the Minimum to become a Project Member?

All depends on the PROJECT you choose but the MINIMUM IS ONLY ONE TOUR PER YEAR!

The Futures Project asks for only ONE(1) Tour per year. Challenger Project TWO(2),  ATP Project (3) and the Grand Slam Project FOUR or MORE. The prices get cheaper the more Tours you go on and you do Fewer Camps the more you tour. The reason is that you will be with EE during these tours and will learn a lot of those weeks on the road with us!

Q: How many Camps are the Minimum to be in the EE Project?

Two Camps per year are Minimum for all players EXCEPT for those playing their final year of ITFs or those who have been selected to NIU, RIG or in one of the Full-Time Academies like our Partners at Good to Great or KLTK Academy.

THEN we have a new Project called: EuroElite-LITE! Players do only ONE CAMP PER YEAR and then Tour with EE at least once per year.

When you are young and starting with EE (say age 11-12) we encourage the 3 Camp Project (Futures) and only 1 Tour for the year. Players are allowed in the Futures Project only ONE SEASON and then they must move onto other Projects. That means players have a CHOICE to do either 2 or 3 camps per year and they can choose WHAT TYPE OF CAMP they prefer:-)

FINALLY: Our overall aim is HOLISTIC CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! Every coach at EuroElite is working towards the goals of not just having Fun… we try to get each player to really enjoy the FUN OF COMPETITION! In being successful towards this goal… we DEVELOP CHARACTER!

It is our major goal to GIVE PARENTS FREEDOM to “let go” so their players have a good chance to grow independently but also for PLAYERS to feel their Characters and Self-Worth increase with every EE Visit or Tour!! 


Write Dave at: / I will get back to you within 48 hours:-)


  • 1st Year 12: PRIORITY = Play 1-2 Ten-Pro Events ( + Maybe 1 Tennis Europe not more than a 1 hour flight away.
  • 2nd Year 12: PRIORITY = Early in the Year do 1-2 Ten-Pro Events  +  then focus on doing maximum 2 Tennis Europe events. Keep it cheap and within a 1.5 hour flight away from home if possible unless it is a tournament/camp like we do in Turkey.
  • 1st Year 14: PRIORITY = Play 1 Ten-Pro early in year or late in year to get 8 matches on one tour then 2-4 Tennis Europe events: 2 in Scandinavia and 2 Outside Scandinavia
  • 2nd Year 14: PRIORITY = 4-8 Tennis Europe Events. Half in Scandinavia and Half Outside Scandinavia. Put in one Ten-Pro during the year when you need Match Play
  • 1st Year 16: PRIORITY: If you don’t have a lot of experience, Stay with 2-4 Tennis Europe 16s in Scandinavia and do 1-2 TE 16s OUTSIDE Scandinavia if Match Camp is at same time: Then “Test” a few ITFs later in the year but stay in Scandinavia or on a LD Tour to a “WEAK” ITF (like Africa/Asia). IF YOU DO HAVE A LOT OF EXPERIENCE IN TE 14s… and you are ranked good.. then start  to do ALL the February/March  ITFs in Scandinvia. Then look for 1 Long-Tour to a weaker country to get travel experience. Finish the year entering all Scandinavian ITFs and TAKE SOME CHANCES GETTING IN!
  • 2nd Year 16: PRIORITY IS ITFs. Enter ALL SCANDINAVIAN ITFs starting January and then go on 2 Long-Distance Tours if possible. The higher ranked, the more you tour away from home.


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