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Personal Information:

Surname: Jönsson

First: Name: Niklas Johan


Amanuensvägen 5, lgh 1310.

114 16 Stockholm

Telephone: +46 734306931


Nationality: Swedish

Year of birth: 1991

Education and training:

2015- Machine Tecnology Engineering at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan

2012-2013 Sports Management, Cleveland State University

2014 Tränarkurs TGU 2

2010-2012 General Business at Troy University

Work experience:

2015- Coach at Trollbäckens Tennisclub

2015- Coach at Tennis Stockholm

2014- Coach at EuroElite Tennis Academy

203-2014 Coach at Helsingborgs Tennisclub

Player Qualifications

2013 Participated in NCAA Championship for Cleveland State University

2013 Horizon League Conference Champion 2010-2013

Played in Elitserien for Helsingborgs Tennisclub 2013 3:rd place in the Danish Team Championship for Helsingörs Tennisclub 2010 Swedish Team Champion Under 18 for Helsingborgs Tennisclub

2008 & 2010 Region Doubles Champion 2008 & 2010


Personal skills and competences:

2012 Driver license

2013 CPR certified



Mother tongue(s): Swedish

Other language(s): English

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